What is HubDAO?
Hub of Decentralized Financial Ecosystem.


1.1 What is HubDAO?

HubDAO is a non-custodial decentralized financial platform that runs on a decentralized network, allowing users to directly control asset ownership and engage in direct and fast financial activities by connecting personal wallets to HubDAO applications. All actions of HubDAO are implemented by the Contract Code on the blockchain network, so no centralized entity can access user assets.
With the recent emergence of numerous DeFi and NFT applications, Ethereum networks are once again facing scalability issues. Excessive transactions have caused network transaction fees to rise abnormally steeply, and for individuals, these Ethereum network high transaction fees form a very large barrier to on-chain transactions for decentralized finance.
Back in Sept.2020, HubDAO was deployed on the ethereum network. But recently HubDAO integrated Huobi Eco Chain (HECO), which has fast transaction speed and significantly low gas fee, as the Layer-2 blockchain network to reduce cost barrier and maximize user experience. We made partnership with Poly Network to built Crosschain Bridge Between Ethereum and HECO Network. With this background, HubDAO launched decentralized financial services on top of HECO including AMM DEX functions. HubDAO enables distributed financial activities by individual traders, including exchanges, liquidity providing, yield farming, group activities, and lottery game, while providing Farming as a Service and liquidity guides to project foundations to help build healthy on-chain data.
  • HubDAO will continue to seek better opportunities to cooperate with awesome partners in Blockchain field. (Ex. Multi-Chain Services, Collaboration for integration, marketing and more)

1.2 What is Farming as a Service?

FaaS is a service provided by HubDAO to make every project easily launching Yield Farming and starting liquidity providing. which allows any project to provide liquidity mining pool of the project token on the HubDAO's Stake Hub without having to build a farming product by themselves.
Users will participate in liquidity providing and farm for receiving yield while contribute to the transaction pair and earn additional compensation.

Let's enjoy Decentralized FInancial Life together with us!