Legal Disclaimer
This Document is intended to provide information on the new ecosystem and vision that HubDAO intends to create. In addition, it is indicated that it was not written for any particular purpose to encourage investment. The contents of this document are provided based on the current status and goals at the time of its preparation, and nothing in the white paper guarantees the exact timing of the future.
The theories described in this document do not guarantee commercial value, the interests of special stakeholders, technical errors and legal completeness. In addition, the scope of immunity is not limited to the above examples.
The theory in this document may be modified or altered by factors such as relevant laws, policies, regulations, technology, etc. Therefore, the version of the document does not guarantee the final outcome and is not legally binding.
This document is a business introduction or a document equivalent to the promotion of a business that makes it clear that even if the theory of this white paper is referred to or based on the investment, the result is wholly attributable to the investor itself, regardless of profit or loss. HubDAO developers and teams shall not bear any liability, compensation, or other liability for losses, damages, liabilities, or other damages to investors.
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